The 5th DIGIPREDICT consortium meeting: a very productive meeting

The 5th consortium meeting is coming to an end. Once again it was a very fruitful event, with productive scientific discussions, a fascinating demonstration session, a lab visit and a poster session.

Stay tuned for the announcement in the next couple of month of our final public event next Spring.


Productive interactions, demonstration and discussions are ongoing at the 5th consortium meeting. hosted on the 27 and 28 of April by the project coordinator at EPFL, Lausanne.

Public poster session @ DIGIPREDICT CM5

Discover the content of our CM5 public poster session hosted by CIS at EPFL, on Thur. 27 April in room BCH 3-113 at 17.30

Open as pdf

Digital Twin session at the MedTech Forum 2023

Save the date! On the 31st of May, with DIGIPREDICT coordinator Adrian Ionescu from EPFL and Alexander Meyer from Charité, come discover how Digital Twin in healthcare is making headway at the MedTech Forum 2023

Register now:

DIGIPREDICT 5th Consortium Meeting Open public session

On Thur. 27 April as part of the 5th DIGIPREDICT consortium meeting on EPFL campus, the EPFL Center for Intelligent Systems, CIS, will host at 16:30, room BCH 2-103, a public session with presentations of 3 EPFL centres: 

  • the CIS
  • the Center of MicroNanoTechnology (CMI), 
  • the Neuro_X institute.

This presentation will be followed by a poster session in room BCH 3-113 at 17.30.

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